Merry Christmas

D60CEC35-88BE-4E19-A5A0-4D3722686751461E1A39-77A5-48F7-8BF0-4298991EB43D91A0A077-9C3D-4179-B1AF-15F88C23AE2E0FA58A16-7A64-4059-89F9-5D597C1B482E679F2A7E-5659-4F1B-A6D4-56B552FA3AF1F445A848-63DB-4AB9-9225-D9866C3D93C33B0F0897-26FF-4DE7-8063-A3525655C51580FD8700-59C6-44A4-9F64-2AF541C65A6C8FF3638B-17F5-41B6-A5C2-BA33B134271936BAE088-AE8E-4008-A66C-0F4DD71CB6E4It’s Christmas Eve in a few days, and we have been celebrating with as Christmas staff party. It was amazing, superb. Had secret Santa game, I got something funny haha. Then we all got awards. Went to a pub and had BBQ. Had a pubcrawl(bar runda) and got free drinks. So you can imagine how the state was when we came back to continue partying at the hostel in the evening.  And even though I am working on Christmas we are celebrating with brunch and a lot of fun at the beach. My first Christmas not being home with family but to be honest I’m not really in Christmas spirit it’s difficult when it’s 37 degrees and being summer. Soon it’s also 2019 so excited!! It’s gonna be smashing

To all my lovely awesome fantastic family and friends in Sweden, have a merry merry Christmas 🎄🎄⛄️🎅🏽🤶


All day All night

Love the beach!!! But imagine that it´s X-mas in like a month….no way it is warm and im not even thinking about christmas. It looks off with all the christmas ornaments even though i know it´s full on christmas feeling back home. And usually by this time I have already started to get tired of listening to all the christmas songs. The fact that i am going to spend christmas on a beach and probably party, and having it turning 2019 10h before everyone else. Don´t miss the cold even though the snow looks a bit pretty. Still have a cold though, or more like an epidemi cuz everyone at the hostel is sick. Sick all the time and when you get well you get someone else sickness. I am going to the swedish church though to get some advent firande…..I miss the food, i miss the simple things of sweden.


********************************* NIGHT*******************************************


DSC_1335DSC_1312DSC_1321DSC_1352BTW här kommer en random bild på mig som alltid gå runt i flippflopp, känner mig så liberated som alltid bara går ut till mataffären elr till banken i mina flippflops…och nu satte sig en hund mellan mina ben också. Så gullig, alla har sånna där hundraser om det är bulldog eller vad det är. Det är typ den enda rasen man ser. file (2).jpeg

What my day to day looks like

Happy days people!

I’m going to explain some things in this update. First of I want to show some of my late night photographing.

So as we all know by now this hostel im living in is a total party hostel. Everyday, especially on Mondays when its bingo night! Bingo is the craziest thing i have been experiencing so far. And no it´s not grandma bingo, it´s called Boozy Bingo and there are four rounds with huge prices. A trip( Great ocean road), private room and then last round( cash up to 1000 dollar) wich almost no one makes it to because everyone is tooooo freaking drunk!!! I mean like real drunk people falling of the chairs and being all over the place. I have been to every bingo since i arrived, but the last bingo was the craziest. I won vouchers for food and drinks!!! yeaahh but I haven´t won a prize yet though. It’s the best bingo with the funniest rules and we dance all the time……ex when number 17 comes ”dancing queen” is put on and everybody stands up to sing and dance.

Tuesdays are hot wing challenge, so fun to watch people eating hot wings. They cry because its so hot and they actually look like they are going to die. A girl has won two times now, girlpooower!!! The boys are weak, the ones that cry and get all red in their faces. Im not gonna tell you about every days event but the last one is on Saturdays when you get free champagne/prosecco for an hour how much you want!!!! Soon we are also going to have a foam party, with a real foam cannon it is going to be amazing

The people here are the best, which is kinda the reason i have fun all the time. It doesn´t feel like i am traveling solo because there are friends around you all the time especially when I work in reception and you kinda know every guest……Actually the other day I had to knock on rooms and this guy opened the door with one hand and the other one in his boxers. Really awkward. There was also an old guy hitting on me when I stood behind reception. He asked what I was doing tonight and if he should come here to the party. I got so freaked out and was grossed out by him, he asked if I had a boyfriend and I answered so fast ”YES I DO”!!! He was like 60+ eeewww. Reception work is fun though you get to experience much, btw I also accidentally ask people for their number instead of their names. ”So what’s your number? ooh shit, I mean name”.

❤ Cheers mate


3 Weeks ish

Yo my mates!

What´s cracking on, it´s not been a lot of going on here. Just cruising on, and working……not actually working alot mostly just standing behind reception drinking coffee and talking shit with my colleges. Now people have bought me coffee and drinks, and I got some free food the other day. YAAY!!!!  I feel like im rumbeling on(?), but im in a weird mood now and its been an fun, confusing day so I just feel like blurting everything out. Im going to be such a succesfull influencer, hilariuoooos

Some more animal pics would spike your mood right, so here are som water animals? Mamals….

–Sorry för denna post blev så flummig hehe fick typ kramp i mitt lår samtidigt som jag har ont i sidan när jag andas, samtidigt som jag försöker peppa en kompis att gå på tinder dejt– det här med multitasking ska ju vara min grej–


D a n i e l l e





3EF9B035-9BE8-4E76-B686-41B417A991F89D7DA2A2-25C0-4193-9554-F35901C3C235381892D2-E184-43C6-80DE-B9EEF8B673E4B9A4C7A5-19B9-4B64-A6E7-308B58445A74439BB0A0-7BEE-4EF9-94C1-E6BC533FAF32A9BEB9DA-0C88-40DB-9E25-06F4D4A4F8E1A55C6A11-5C66-4A23-8A77-36EE5F116971F6A84CEA-B035-437B-96DE-5CAF25474407Right now its raining a ton, i mean its pouring down and I was hoping for warmer weather but its been raining alot. We swedish girls just had tacos and it was amazing i mean sensational! Because only eating pasta and noodles everyday makes you crazy. There are so many swedish people here in the hostel, made friends with almost all of them……just came to Australia to make swedish friends?? No but the britts are also fun. At the bingo night, craziest nights of the week. I met a nice lad who was really cute. The other day we saw a dog wondering the streets loose, we thought we saw the owner but then he wasnt, and we were a few following the dog until we met a women walking behind the dog but she wasnt the owner either so we had to call some people.

Animal discoveries

Hello there……

I have such bad title names, but whatever. I told you there would come som pictures of Kangaroos and penguins so here they are. It took us about 2h to get to the park were the Kangaroos were, wild just jumping around in a normal park without fences! We got lost a bunch of times, both on our way there and on our way home we were almost about to take the Uber. And the penguins live near the pier among the rocks in St Kilda, come out at night. The parentes were coming from the water to feed them so cute. 6B96AD61-2C7C-4A14-B17D-D9EB105AA3FD97CC6339-3B44-4664-9D9A-0EB9C34AF704454A258A-66CB-4D41-86AF-0672D26B33C1C0C01A9E-00F6-4A78-8C05-663809F1E3F4835B0FF6-556D-4D78-A8DB-3038DB7DCAB752D9D19D-99C9-4923-AF45-F1A955763CC6FA6D7C3D-906E-486E-BDCD-A087F1E74D4D1687AEDA-CA28-46A3-B3D0-397568B45C69 .

Just another tourist day

Today I actually got compliments from an english guy that i speak english very well and fluently. And I feel that it comes more easily to me now that I have been speaking english pretty much all the time for one week. It’s crazy it’s only been one week away from home cuz I feel that i have been going through alot these few days. It still feels like a holiday, but the fact that I will be living in Australia! Wich makes me not rush everything because I got time. Today I went to a Botanical garden the prettiest i’ve been to. Soon there will be a few pictures of Kangaroos and penguins :))E3B0EDC9-372D-41ED-B586-D7F0BD824F156BFA3FBC-C9AE-4B67-BC18-0730F485B697D336241C-7B0E-45D3-ABDF-1A9541C7C7474B6A78D8-27FF-4167-8FDE-0D700F27EAD2D0A626C7-0DAB-42DA-8A43-341A4A13BE97B0AEA707-4989-4AD4-9FE7-029064C239CF86C0E985-D28F-4BF1-96B0-597E53832D002ACD13ED-FC60-4175-B90D-3545691EAF851BFADCBF-BA3D-4ECA-A15A-477673C7EACE774D85F5-A72C-4225-955A-D5056E658DB8

Hej svejs

Skriver på svenska nu för känns så otanurligt att skriva på engelska, det kommer helt enkelt bli lite blandat! Men det är en jättefin och solig dag här i Melbourne, är nu i Australien för er som inte vet det…….Är fortfarande förvirrad med tidsskillnaderna varje gång jag pratar med nån i Sverige men jätteglad att få vara i värme och sol. Går här med sand i skorna efter att känt på vattnet vid stranden, det var hyfsat varmt. Ibland blir blir det kyligt i luften men då känns det bara som svensk sommar. Är fortfarande jetlaggad, kommer nog ta ett tag tills det är borta. Har härliga rumskompisar, en från Irland, Tyskland, ca 3 svenskar och britter. Lär känna många snabbt och speciellt de som också är här ensamma. Men tycker också om att bara göra saker själv, åka omkring utforska och lära känna staden på mitt sätt10E903E4-CCFA-41D8-9B93-A14DEBB18595E7B4EC2D-599A-4FAE-BEE1-10A765592D71


Here are a few pictures, I have been to the city of Melbourne and strolling around St Kilda. I have taken the tram( det är som i Göteborg med spårvagn).  It’s still pretty cold but will get warmer next week! Really amazing here feels like a mix of New York, England, China…..quite tired now so will update some more soon! 340A7128-1978-4E6D-8BFC-DA2C5953E47C29CBAF17-B325-4722-A72A-CBA89A31C1E16ED091DA-5E47-4F85-A3C7-6493563FBBABD0F6F300-A389-4E05-A767-899761DBE438683318D5-53BE-49F4-80C8-0EF8500B1A62BAE9EB59-990E-4B49-9A1C-8E7E295A3F520C2024A1-6757-44D6-B66A-DC2275EB84045CB9F54E-5F91-4718-8896-A89A9B918DBD4C09AE71-2432-4EE5-98FA-30DECE272C744191D107-4427-4519-85F9-9E32DE2B23A50B4134DE-6E31-4C9B-942F-C33E5E3A148632462E9C-436E-4347-9343-5F363CBBD67042B9476C-2010-4C54-A83F-6625F647C7825CA921FC-FD8D-4BD8-8DE8-48F0776FE23AFC21FD04-4F5D-447E-B17B-2B18243C6BF1FD70B94C-B58A-4D27-B32B-164D51FC0ACAB09B9919-06E3-441C-8FB6-42D3F69F014AAE05CFA7-E59B-4810-A80C-32FFEF161A64BFDDFA99-552E-4026-9900-84AA90FF22C3553C0F9D-32C0-4301-A242-7529AC0892E00CEB863B-93C4-42EC-AD51-B3527BEC0B20

Counting down

I have had the most amazing summer, even though/maybe because it´s been the hottest summer EVER in Sweden and the in the rest of the world. Not a raindrop when it has been needed the most.  Now those who know me know that I like being organized and have the situation under somewhat control and when things don´t go as planned…….yee feel like I mentally have to be ready but I don’t think I will be able to process this until I’m actually on the plane. I have said goodbye to a lot of wonderful people( snarare vi ses senare eller hur 😉 wow it´s only going to be ME MYSELF AND I   i got this!  3    2   1  go IMG_8557